South Coastin

Every year now the hubs and I take a weekend trip for our anniversary. Last year we headed north of Sydney near Newcastle and had a great weekend where we descended 106 steps down to our rented cottage and climbed 106 steps back up to the car to go see Leo Sayer. I kid you not. 106 steps. I COUNTED. Now imagine that trek with luggage. Yeah. Cute place, but never again.

This year we are headed south down near Batemans Bay. Located at the mouth of the Clyde River, it is one of many beautiful coastal towns along the South Coast of New South Wales. In my three years here I have not had a chance to go down there yet, but everyone I know here says its quite lovely.

Personally, I haven’t been to a bad beach here. They have all been spectacular. I grew up on the Southern California coast and the beaches back home can’t hold a candle to the beaches here. Although the beaches in Alabama and Florida sure are nice. In any case, Australia’s beaches boast the the clearest water, clean, white sands, gorgeous sheltered coves, and no oil and tar to stick to your feet!

Since we are taking our little dog Bug, we found a pet-friendly place on the river called Carrie’s Cottage that sits on 40 acres in Nelligen with cows and chooks(that’s chickens to the Americans), donkeys, and birds. This year we have opted not to do much of  anything, sorry Leo Sayer, and just relax and enjoy our surroundings. Besides a foray into town for food we will have the luxury of not having a schedule which I find absolutely exciting!

The view from our weekend cottage! How can you NOT relax?

I said I didn’t have anything scheduled, but I fibbed. I have already told the Hubs I am planning on making friends with the cows. Oh yes. I will.

Welcome to Oz

Welcome to Oz!

My name is Felicia and I am an American living in Australia. What better day to start a blog than the 3rd wedding anniversary of the day my life changed forever? I moved here in January 2010 after marrying my Aussie Rick in 2009. I’m a native Southern Californian with some roots in Alabama. I also have a 14 yr old son who made the journey with me.

I started this blog as a way to record my thoughts and feelings about living in this beautiful country. When I knew I was moving here I searched for blogs that would help me transition easily to living here. If I manage to help anyone with similar circumstances than yeah! Success! This also serves to become my diary so I can look back 20, 30 or 40 years from now and remember my life here in spades rather than just small segments of memories.

In this blog I promise to take lots of pictures, offer honest opinions and insights, and always find the humor in life.

Welcome to my adventures!